Our Promise

Farmer and the Belle promises a 100% soy wax, hand poured candle that contains USA homegrown soy, domestically sourced wood-wicks, and the highest quality fragrance and essential oil ingredients. Our artisan product, customer service, and your satisfaction are priority at the Farmer and the Belle. We believe that scent is a powerful memory trigger. It can take you back years ago to a special memory or experience you may have had with someone you love. Our wish is to fill your home with scents that take you back to your best memories and provide the foundation for those yet to come. Thank you for choosing our product for your home!


About Us

The Farmer and the Belle is a family business owned and operated by husband and wife team, Daniel and Selena Gibbons. Dreaming and dancing together through life, they decided that they wanted to work together on a creative project where they use their God-given gifts and passions. They put their heads and prayers together and Farmer and the Belle was born. It was a simple concept that began to have a lot of depth and connection with their families and testimonies as it began to unfold.


From us to you...

Thank you so much for coming to our website and reading about our family’s story. I want our customers to know us more than our product. We are all about family at Farmer and the Belle, our name, scents, and team all reflect the importance of family. Above our mantle in the great room we have a Mother Theresa quote that reads, “If you want to change the world, go home and love on your family.” Here is a little look into our story and how generations have been woven together to create this company.

Our company’s name, The Farmer and the Belle, is in honor of my grandparents. They began their romance on a dance floor. They are from a very small town in Indiana where they fell in love and started their family. My grandpa, our Farmer, is a retired Marine and Army soldier. He loves to be outdoors and work with his hands to create beautiful paintings, landscapes, and woodwork. My Nana, our Belle, encompassed all things feminine. She was beautiful and her smile would light up an entire room. Although the military brought my grandpa all around the world they decided to bring their family back to their roots and settle in Bremen, Indiana. Together they modeled hard work and a beautiful love.

Danno and I have a similar beginning. We met dancing in Annapolis, MD during our senior years of college. A quick game of rock, paper, scissors with his roommate gave him the first chance to dance with me. He won the game and danced the rest of the night away holding me in his arms. After 10 years of service, Danno has transferred from active duty and is now a reservist in the Marine Corps. Like my grandfather he loves to work with his hands. He is our “fixer” of all things. He fills our house with so much laughter and teaches me and our boys something new every day. I, like my Nana, embrace my girly side and love to be creative and make my home our family’s sanctuary. We are blessed to have two healthy and energetic little boys that make us jump in puddles and swing higher than we ever have before! One of the trends I noticed in my life was how the power of scent can bring back so many memories. A familiar fragrance can make you feel at home, comfortable, and safe. You may smell a familiar scent and you are automatically taken back to a chapter of your life. I remember growing up and always smelling a certain candle burning at my family home or traveling to visit my Nana and Grandpa I remember the smell of freshly baked cookies and pies in her kitchen. The smell of fresh cut grass can bring you back to summer days as a child or clean cotton on the laundry line. I wanted to create that for other families.

I love our story. I love how God started two marriages with a simple dance and how that story has inspired my husband and me in so many different areas of our lives. Thank you so much for visiting our site and reading our story. I hope that you are able to bring back memories, make some new ones, and shine your light for the world to see!

Let your light shine,
Selena Gibbons