Where can I find Farmer and
the Belle products?

Thank you for asking! We are so excited to work with these amazing businesses all across the country. You can find a list of our Stockists here. You will find a link to each business and their location. If you are a store owner and are interested in joining the Farmer and Belle Stockist community we would love to hear from you! Here is where you can apply! 



Am I able to purchase Farmer and the Belle products and sell them in my store or on my website?

Yes, you can! We would love to hear from you! . If you are a store owner and are interested in joining the Farmer and Belle Stockist community we would love to hear from you! Go to www.farmerandbelle.com/Community  to apply! 



Can I purchase a bulk order of Farmer and the Belle products for a wedding or an event?

Thank you for thinking of us for your special event! We would love to work with you and create a custom product that is unique for your special day! Please contact us at farmerandbelle@gmail.com with your order inquiry and we will get right back to you!



We always offer USPS priority mail, $5 flat flat rate ground shipping. You will receive tracking information in your order confirmation email once it has been fulfilled. If you are local to the Charlotte area, please email us at farmerandthebelle.com for other delivery options. Please allow up to 2-3 business days to prepare and ground shipments take 2-3 business days to deliver.

Farmer and the Belle is a proud supporter of our military and their families and know that they reside all over the world. If you would like to ship your order to an international, FPO/APO address please email us at farmerandbelle@gmail.com

What are your shipping policies?



How do I best use my new wood wick candle?

We have chosen to use wood wick candles because of their aesthetics, the crackling sound they give off, and the ease of use! Follow these steps to ensure you are getting the optimum burn from your Farmer and the Belle candles:

  • Make sure the wood wick is trimmed to between 1/4'” before lighting. If the wick is too ling, the wax will not pull up the wick and the flame will extinguish.
  • Wooden wicks need a little TLC before each burn, similar to a cotton wick. Gently snap off the ash or burnt wood along the top edges of the wooden wick and then light.
  • Remember to allow at least a one hour burn time for the first use. This allows all of the wax to pull around the wick to avoid any tunneling in the future.
  • If when burning for a long period of time you notice the height of the flame getting to low, it may need to have the excess ash or burnt wood along the top of the wick tapped off. The flame will then return to the proper height.
  • Be very careful to not allow anything fall into the candle.
  • Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time to get the maximum scent throw.
  • Follow all candle safety guidelines that are located on the warning label on each Farmer and the Belle product.


Are all of the fragrance oils natural in a Farmer and the Belle product?

Our scents are blended with fragrance and essential oils. Although fragrance oils are synthetic, we choose the highest quality ingredients that are phthalate free.



What type of wax is used in Farmer and the Belle candles?

We use 100% soy wax in our candles, no blends here!


If you have any additional questions that we have not answered please reach out to us at farmerandbelle@gmail.com !


Let your light shine!