new for Spring/Summer 2019!



magnolia, peony, lily

Spring is in full bloom with our new Bouquet home fragrance! A combination of our favorite flowers, peonies, magnolias, and lilies are blended together with base notes of cedarwood to create a beautiful balance.


Palm Leaves

botanical, jasmine, ylang ylang, bamboo

Introducing our brand new summer scent, Palm Leaves! The fresh botanical scent of bamboo, and palm trees is blended with a hint of ylang ylang and jasmine to add a slightly floral balance. Base notes round out this rich summer fragrance with the addition of sandalwood and powder.

Summer Wedding.png

Summer Wedding

sea salt, rose, lily

Here comes the new bridal scent! Sea salt and roses are brought together to create this beautiful and romantic fragrance. Summer Wedding is a perfect bridal shower, wedding, or anniversary gift!


our scents



plumeria, thyme, bergamot

Our newest fragrance is named after my Nana and is a blend of some of my favorite scents in our
home. Fresh flowers, white tea, and clean linen make up this feminine and welcoming fragrance. This scent makes a great gift for the Belle in your life!

Blackberry Sage.png

Blackberry and Sage

blackberry, ginger, sage

A favorite for all seasons, Blackberry and Sage blends together the sweet and tartness of blackberries with the fresh herb scent of sage. The perfect scent to burn or diffuse in any area of your home!

Cedarwood + Tobacco .png

Cedarwood and Tobacco

coriander, tonka, vanilla

Earthy meets smoky meets a hint of sweet vanilla! This nostalgic scent reminds us of the sweet smell of a tobacco pipe.

Christmas Morning.png

Christmas Morning

blue spruce, peppermint, lavender

A beautiful combination of the calm scent of lavender and the brightness of peppermint and the wintry scent of a fresh pine tree. This fragrance truly takes you to that special place, in your favorite pajamas, with the ones you love sitting around a Christmas tree.

Citrus Oakmoss.png

Citrus and Oakmoss

citrus, oakmoss, sandalwood

East meets west in our Citrus and Oakmoss. The lush and rich scent of earthy oakmoss collides with the fresh citrus cent of oranges, tangerines, and mandarins. This scent is loved by all and would make a great gift for any candle lover in your life!



coffee bean, vanilla, hazelnut

A staple in our home! This fragrance has a strong and bold scent of roasted coffee beans blended with a hint of sweet vanilla and nutty hazelnut.

Down Home.png

Down Home

orange, clove, nutmeg

Cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg blended with the nuttiness of chestnuts fill your home withan inviting and cozy fragrance.

Eucalyptus and Peppermint.png

Eucalyptus and Peppermint

eucalyptus, mint, cedar

The brightness of mint and soothing quality of eucalyptus infused together to create a calming and spa like environment.


Gingerbread and Marmalade

cinnamon, cardamom, orange

The seasonal winter spices blended with the sweetness of citrus. Inspired by a childhood memory of one of my Nana’s holiday recipes, light this candle in the kitchen and it will fill your home with the sweet and spicy aroma of your favorite holiday treats!



apple blossom, pear, vanilla

Simple and fresh, our Handpicked scent fell right from the apple orchards of Michigan where my Nana and I use to pick apples for so many delicious recipes!




apple, cinnamon, pumpkin, sandalwood

A blend of all of our favorite fall scents. This candle indulges your senses with spicy pumpkin,sweet apples, and the earthy scent of fresh fallen leaves.

Hearth and home.png

Hearth and Home

ginger, cinnamon, balsam

Mulled wine and the smokiness of embers and cypress blend together to create this warm and cozy scent.



tomato leaf, basil, lemongrass

Picked fresh from the vine, this scent blends some of our favorite summer garden fragrances together. Ripe tomato, basil, black pepper, and lemon, combine to create a rich and earthy aroma!

Lavender + Sage.png

Lavender and Sage

lavender, currant, sage

Soothing and serene, this candle combines notes of cucumber, lavender, and sage. This fragrance is a wonderful addition to a bathroom or bedroom.



linen, bergamot, sandalwood

Picked fresh from the vine, this scent blends some of our favorite summer garden fragrancestogether. Ripe tomato, basil, black pepper, and lemon, combine to create a rich and earthy aroma!

Orange County.png

Orange County

orange, grapefruit, floral

The orchards on the west coast inspired this citrus scent. Orange County reminds us of the fresh and sweet fragrances of oranges, lemons, and tangerines. This scent is perfect in the kitchen!

Pumpkin Butter.png

Pumpkin Butter

pumpkin, molasses, buttercream

Straight from a bakery, this fall scent blends the spices of pumpkin pie with the sweetness of buttercream.

Southern Sunrise.png

Southern Sunrise

grapefruit, peach blossom, brown sugar

Picked fresh from the vine, this scent blends some of our favorite summer garden fragrancestogether. Ripe tomato, basil, black pepper, and lemon, combine to create a rich and earthy aroma!

Spanish Oakmoss.png

Spanish Moss

oakmoss, herb, amber

Our most popular scent! Spanish Moss is a complex and rich blend of amber, herbs, andoakmoss.

Toasted Pumpkin.png

Toasted Pumpkin

pumpkin, cloves, smoked embers

Sweet, spicy, and a hint of smoky. A unique take on the traditional pumpkin candle, this scent indulges your senses with the element of a campfire while still staying true to all pumpkin lovers!

White Birch.png

White Birch

cypress, pine, tonka

Crisp and bright, our White Birch does not disappoint. It has a true natural evergreen fragrance that is perfect for the holiday season or when the weather gets a little cooler.

Wild pear + fig.png

Wild Pear and Fig

pear, jasmine, fig

A spring and summer favorite, Wild Pear and Fig joins the sweetness of a ripe pear and the earthiness of a Mediterranean fig.

Winter Berry.png

Winter Berry

cranberry, holly, pine

A combination of the winter berries: cranberry and holly with the base notes of cedarwood. This candle is a great choice for someone that loves Blackberry and Sage but is looking for a winter fragrance.